The seasons come and go each year. The sun rises and sets every day. Nature offers the ultimate sanctuary of routine, but it also magically manages to offer us its wild, exciting, expansive, and unfamiliar ways.

In the Shondaland series The Novelty of Nature, we’re digging into the power of natural places and the wellness benefits of embracing the elements. From camping tips and safari stories to eye-opening tales about the environment to inspiring ways to reclaim your relationship with nature, these stories show it’s never been a better time to get lost in the great outdoors.

a variety of flowers is on the screen
Embrace the Mental Health Benefits of Flowers

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Shondaland Staff
a writer reflects on the ways we can help climate change
7 Small Ways to Fight Against Climate Change
Shondaland Staff
a writer recants their african safari
An African Safari Changed My View of the World
Shondaland Staff
a look into the world of an outdoor phtographer
Outdoor Photographer Jody MacDonald Always Gets the Shot
Shondaland Staff
looking at ways to make your camping experience enjoyable
The Coolest New Ways to Camp in 2023
Shondaland Staff
the best books and tv shows to feel connected with nature
11 Books and Movies That Inspire a Relationship With Nature
Shondaland Staff

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